Mar 212017

The (very belated) 2016 aaDH AGM will be held as an electronic forum over two days on 3-4 April 2017. To register to participate, please email aaDH Secretary at Simon Musgrave: simon[dot] musgrave[at] monash[dot] edu.

The Agenda for the meeting is specified in the Rules of the Association at


1. Confirm minutes of previous Annual General Meeting.

2. Receive reports of financial transactions of the Association during the last financial year.

3. Ratify the 2016 election of Officers and Members.

4. Receive and consider the annual statement submitted by the Association in accordance with section 30(3) of the Act.

5. Any other business

  1. Nomination of replacement for James Smithies on ADHO Conference Co-ordinating Committee
  2. Call for expressions of interest by potential hosts of aaDH Conference 2018


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