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The DHA2016 workshop provided by Intersect Australia is: Powerful Text Searching and Matching with Regular Expressions.  Registrations for the DHA2016 workshop are now open via EventBrite.  The workshop is only for registrants.

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There are 40 places, and a waiting list.

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Serendipity and Biography

William Colenso | National Archives of New Zealand | CC-BY-SA | https://www.flickr.com/photos/archivesnz/12486308044/i

Image credits: Flickr, William Colenso | National Archives of New Zealand CC-BY-SA

The third keynote up is Sydney Shep and she will talk about: “Serendipity and Palimpsests; Deep Time, Spatial History and Biographical Complexity”.  In the abstract for her keynote Shep describes an historical figure in New Zealand’s recent cultural history: William Colenso.  Colenso, a polymath, influenced colonial culture in New Zealand, through his printing efforts (among many other efforts), and was linked into national and international networks of intellectuals.  She will “probe how serendipity provides opportunities to rethink biography in the digital age as a complex system of meshworks, lifegrids, and palimpsests.”

Dr Sydney Shep

Dr Sydney Shep